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Your Family is Our Commitment
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At Green Valley Special Utility District, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our customers.

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There are a number of easy ways to save water, and they all start with you. When you save water, you save money on your utility bills. Here are just a few ways... Learn more...

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Stage 2 Water Restrictions

STAGE 2 Water Restrictions Have been Declared August 25, 2015

It is imperative that ALL GVSUD customers CONSERVE WATER REGARDLESS OF ITS SOURCE and discontinue non-essential water uses.

During the current drought conditions, watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is permitted only ONCE A WEEK, on the designated watering day, between the hours of 12:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. to midnight.  

The watering days are based on the last digit of your address.

  • 0 OR 1            MONDAY
  • 2 OR 3            TUESDAY
  • 4 OR 5            WEDNESDAY
  • 6 OR 7            THURSDAY
  • 8 OR 9            FRIDAY
  • If there is no street address associated with the property, such as a parkway,...

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The Deadliest Creature on Earth . . . lives right in your backyard

The Deadliest Creature on Earth . . . lives right in your backyard

Yes, it’s true. The creature that kills more human beings than any other on the face of the earth is summer’s most common pest. The blood-sucking fiends that plague your backyard barbecue are more than just a nuisance —they are dangerous. The humble mosquito is responsible for 725,000 deaths a year (600,000 of those are from the transmission of malaria). Sharks, who get such bad press that there is a whole week devoted to “Sharks are scary” TV programming (wasn’t Shark Week just a couple of weeks ago?)

So, how much do you know about Mosquitos, and, more importantly, how can you keep them away?

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