Current Projects

                    Green Valley Special Utility District Capital Improvements

Green Valley Special Utility District (GVSUD), has teamed  with the Texas Water Development  Board  for  funding  opportunities.    This  will  implement  the first  phase  of  four  capital improvement projects geared to enhance water infrastructure  in specific areas of the GVSUD service area, also giving us more options to move different water sources around the service area.


1. 16” waterline adjacent to Union Wine Road right-of-way to FM 725 to Zipp Road.

2. 16” waterline adjacent to Zipp Road right-of-way from Union Wine to Spicer Lane.

3. 12” waterline adjacent to Gin Road right-of-way from Linne Road to Santa Clara Rd.

4. Weil Road Booster Pump Station and  Ground Storage Tank.  The addition of this  

    booster station will transport water to a 1 million gallon  elevated tower,  located

    on  Green Valley Road that was constructed in 2012.


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