Background on Green Valley Special Utility District (GVSUD)

A small group of ranchers, farmers, businessmen, and a schoolteacher met in 1963 to establish a safe and reliable water source for rural families in parts of Bexar, Comal, and Guadalupe counties.  The Green Valley Water Supply Corporation began with 150 customers and five board members.  Fifty-eight years later, GVSUD continues to operate from its original building in Marion, Texas.  

In 1992, the Corporation was converted to the Green Valley Special Utility District, operating under the regulation and control of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ).  The District exists to furnish potable water and wastewater services to its customers under the management of a seven-member Board of Directors elected by qualified voters residing within the District's boundaries.  

GVSUD has consistently provided dependable service, fair rates, and quality supply, attributed to Green Valley's strong management, board leadership, and quality employees.

Our Future

According to the 2020 US Census, Guadalupe County has experienced a thirty percent growth during the last decade, and County officials expect that growth to continue.  The City of New Braunfels recently featured in a New York Times article, has experienced a 56 percent growth rate over the same period.    This is unprecedented growth.

As a fiscally responsible company with a 58-year history of fiscal conservatism, GVSUD must act now.  Claiming responsibility for an entity's finances comes down to two pillars:  everyday choices and creating a vision for the future.  The primary strategy is controlling what you can and planning for what you can't, and that is what Green Valley is doing.

Green Valley must be proactive in planning for its current customers and future customers. Now is the time we must build and continue to prepare to manage the growth – it is coming in unprecedented waves.

Everyone at Green Valley Special Utility District remains fully committed to providing quality, cost-effective and innovative water and wastewater solutions to our customers.