Project Background

In the past 10 years, the average District-wide demand for water connections has increased by 4.95% each year. Since we encompass three of the fastest-growing counties in Texas and the USA, we anticipate a continued high level of growth in demand for our services.

Starting with 150 customer connections in 1963, we now total more than 14,000 customer connections, serving some 40,000 residents.

In the past year, Green Valley set 800 water meters and 300 sewer connections – a distinct record for the number of new connections in one year. 

The District has grown with the number of connections in the ground, but with the number of employees as well. The District's employee count has almost doubled in the year 2020.  The current occupancy level of the current building is 20 employees. 

The District currently has 42 employees with 2 positions that have yet to be filled. 

Project Summary

Architect Presentation: Proposed GVSUD Facility

Questions and Answers

GVSUD's Policy for Handling Customer Questions

We review all questions that customers submit.  If several individuals ask the same queries (but word them differently), we will merge them into one question to not be redundant.      We also correct grammatical errors and punctuation, derogatory comments, and other parts of the query that are not germane to the question.  

Then, we will post the question, along with the answer.

Questions and/or answers are periodically added, deleted, moved, changed, updated, corrected, and/or merged for clarity and accuracy.

Note:  Throughout the facility concept, planning, and design, there has been consistent utilization of staff, management, board, customer, and architect input.  Including but not limited to those derived from their experiences, observations, conversations, business logic, measurements, conclusions, and common sense.   This may also include the same from other facilities that have both similar and, in some cases, different requirements.  

In particular, the architect has designed several facilities in the area with many similar requirements and possesses a wealth of knowledge directly pertinent to this facility.  All of this must be placed into the context of providing the infrastructure and capabilities for this facility to address the organization's needs and expansion for the next 40 years. 

Facility Questions and Answers

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