Public Forum

Meeting Information

Additional procedural information: Please understand that although a quorum of the GVSUD Board of Directors may be present, no deliberations or actions will be made during the Public Forum. It is not GVSUD's Board's intention to provide a public forum for the embarrassment or demeaning of any individual or group. 

Neither is it the Board's intention to allow a member of the public to slur the performance, honesty, and/or integrity of the Board, as a body, or any member or members of the Board individually or collectively, or members of GVSUD's staff or consultants. Accordingly, profane, insulting, or threatening language directed toward the Board and/or any person in the Board's presence and/or racial, ethnic, or gender will not be tolerated. 

Public Forum Housekeeping Rules

GVSUD continues to host quarterly informational forums for its customers. Senior employees, Board Members, and consultants will provide information on the organization's status. The final portion of the meeting will be an open comment period. 

Comments will be limited to three minutes per person. If you want to provide comments, you may register upon arrival by providing us with your name and address.

After the final speaker, we will call on the individuals who have registered to provide their up to three-minute comments. If you also have a question during that time, someone will log it down, and the Board and staff will endeavor to provide an answer to post on the website within 30 days. 


The next Public Forum date is TBD.