Stage 2 Drought Restrictions

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Stage 2 Water Day
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Green Valley Special Utility District (GVSUD) uses drought rules, established by our Contingency Plan to proactively manage the Districts water resources. 

Stage 2 restrictions begin when the 10-day rolling average of the Edwards Aquifer level drops to 650 feet mean sea level at the monitored well. Coming out of the drought stages can be considered 15 days after the aquifer is above the trigger level. 

    All restrictions from Stage 1 remain in effect, unless added to or replaced by Stage 2 restrictions.

    Landscape watering with an irrigation system, sprinkler or soaker hose is allowed ONCE a week before 10am and after 8pm on your designated watering day. 

    Water waste is always prohibited. Water waste includes allowing water to run off into a gutter, ditch, or drain; or failing to repair a controllable leak. 

    Reduce water consumption by any means available. 

    Hand watering with a hand-held hose, drip irrigation, bucket or watering can is allowed any day but only before 10am and after 8pm.

    Washing impervious cover such as parking lots, driveways, streets, or sidewalks is prohibited. Health and safety exceptions to this rule may be requested.

    Residential car washing allowed during drought once per week on Saturday or Sunday if there is no water waste. No street runoff allowed. 

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Landscape watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed only ONCE a week before 10am and after 8pm on your designated watering day as determined by the last digit of your street address. 

No watering is allowed on  weekends with a sprinkler or irrigation system. 

Water for Today and Tomorrow

GVSUD’s cheapest source of water conservation is water we do not use. That is why our proven conservation programs have become a cornerstone of the community’s long-term water management and supply strategy. 

With your help, we can keep GVSUD’s rates among the lowest in the nation, while managing tomorrow’s water today.  

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The use of treated wastewater or recycled water for irrigation is allowed – without waste – any day during the restricted hours if the customer has posted proper signage approved by GVSUD. Stage 2 restrictions continue until an announcement is provided to customers via the website or their monthly bill or newsletter that Stage 2 has been canceled or that Stage 3 is in effect.