Be Prepared

Don't get caught unprepared. When an emergency happens, be ready for the unexpected.

Boil Water Notice
Water Outage
Freezing Weather
Other Water Issues

The best way to weather an emergency is to prepare for it ahead of time. Print out this Brochure to ensure you are ready for all emergencies. 

Bookmark this page for easier access, as we walk you through what to do in a water related emergency. 

When disaster strikes, be prepared. 

Be Prepared
Toolbox Needs

Turning Off Your Water

Know how to turn off the water supply to your house during an emergency or when leaving on vacation. This can help you avoid water damage from leaking pipes, dripping water heaters, frozen pipes or other causes.

Valve Turn Off

Know Your Pipes

Protecting, maintaining and repairing the pipes on your property can help you avoid damage from leaks and save you money on your water bill.

How to Flush

If you have no water services to your house and the toilet tank is empty, you can use not-so-fresh water to get the job done - from a pool, a bathtub, even melted snow. After all, it's all going down the toilet anyway. 

Graphic for flushing without water