Rates & Policies

Listed below, you will find our current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you.

Standard Residential Service Rates

Monthly Minimum:
Water Included w/ Minimum Bill:
New Rates as of November 1, 2020
Gallons $/1,000 gal.:
0-2,000 $.00
2,001-5,000 $4.10
5,001-10,000 $5.30
10,001-15,000 $6.56
15,001-25,000 $7.98
25,001-50,000 $10.50
>50,000 $13.13
Monthly Martinez Sewer Shed Wastewater Rate $50.00
Monthly Santa Clara Sewer Shed Wastewater Rate $22.50
Billed Per Thousand Gallons for the Santa Clara Sewer Shed $ 5.81
LME 0-2,000 $17.86 LME MONTHLY RATE
LME 2,000-5,000 $2.46
LME 5,000-10,000 $3.18
LME 10,001-15,000 $3.94
LME 15,001-25,000 $4.79
LME 25,001-50,000 $6.30
LME 50,001 $7.88

Green Valley Special Utility Disctrict will read your meter every month.  Bills are mailed the last week of the month.  If you do not receive a bill by the first week of the month or if you have a question about your bill, contact our office.  Bills are due the 10th of the month.  A late fee of 5% will be charged for payments received after the 10th.  Your usage will begin the day your meter is installed. 

Green Valley SUD bills for Guadalupe-Blanco River Aurthority(GBRA) (830-379-5822) and Harvest Hills Subdivision (210-696-2522) sewer service.  Zipp Road Utilities Company 830-500-2114. Please contact them for rates and information.  

New Meter Installation and Sewer Costs

New meters will be set within 2 weeks (weather permitting) after application is approved and payment is made in full.
New Meter Installation Cost
Deposit $150.00
Meter Installation $750.00
Impact Fee $3,490.00
Inspection Fee $75.00
Water Acquisition Fee $2,000.00
Total of Water Meter Service $6,465.00
-------------- ------------
Contribution in Aid of Construction-Santa Clara Creek Sewershed Area or $4,540.00
GVSUD-SARA Waste Water Connection Fee $3,900.00

Locked Meters

To have a meter unlocked or service turned on will require you the customer to be present and have access to the residence before service is restored.



Sale Or Rental Property Costs

Upon sale or transfer of property, the final bill will be taken from the deposit. The remaining balance will be refunded.
Sale or Rental Property Cost
Deposit $150.00
Transfer Fee (New Owner) $35.00
Unlock Fee (If Applicable) $35.00
Inspection Fee (If Applicable) $75.00
Meter Relocation Fee $400.00
After 5:00pm Unlock Fee $50.00

Green Valley Special Utility District must inspect all new water service connections.  To schedule appointments call 830-914-2332.  Please note should a backflow prevention device be installed, a thermal expansion valve must be operational on hot water heaters to prevent plumbing damage.  A vacuum breaker must be installed on each outside faucet.

Agricultural Customer Qualifications

In consideration of the current drought conditions and its effect on the agricultural community serviced by Green Valley SUD, the District's Board of Directors has approved a special use rate that may be used by those who qualify.


1)  Customer applying must show proof of current agriculture exemption as awarded by the County Appraisal District.

2)  Must complete customer information sheet to provide background information. (head of cattle, goats, hogs etc)

3)  Account information will be reviewed and verified periodically.